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We believe that edible insect farming will be revolutionary, in many parts of the world, to solve major problems related to food security, sustainable building materials, and even electronics manufacturing.


But none of that matters if you can’t build a sustainable farm, find buyers, and scale up to meet demand. And no matter how stoked you are about the industry, none of that comes easy.


Big Cricket Solutions can help. We offer expertise in cricket farming, architecture, distribution and supply chain management for farmers at every level, and our subscription model provides value for every budget.

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Membership to the most extensive network of insect agriculture experts and professionals in the world.

Basic Membership

  • Basic membership to valuable to farmers at every level of growth and useful for the life of the business. This tier offers access to valuable resources on legislation, regulations, certifications, and discounts on equipment, guidebooks, manuals, gear and other invaluable cricket farming accessories.

Growth Membership

  • Everything that the Basic plan includes plus this plan specializes in scaling up, efficiency and optimization, employee and hiring management, business evaluation, grant writing assistance and more.

Professional Membership

  • Everything in the Basic and Growth plans plus extensive regulatory support and more. This plan is for organizations scaling up to true industrial scale production and for those looking to get their products certified to supply major corporate buyers.

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