In addition to the ongoing support we provide through our three Membership Packages, we also provide custom consulting services for large, complex projects.

Past projects have included:

  • Mid and large scale farm design — We have designed the architecture, interior floorplans, workflow, production estimates, profit margins, etc., for multiple major production farms.
  • Major regulatory compliance projects — We’ve helped feed cricket farms expand to the human food market, developed standards for protein powder, and worked with international regulatory bodies to consider insects for food and feed.
  • Custom builds — We converted a 19th century horse stable into an education and production cricket farm.
  • Joint development contracts — We brought together a Silicon Valley-funded startup, a R&D firm, and a chicken farm together to create something totally new.
  • Custom market research — We have helped companies expand to new territories.

We evaluate each project individually to determine if it fits into our expertise and philosophy.

Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your project.